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The Charitable Remainder Unitrust

The Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Walter and his wife Elise had lived frugally throughout their lifetime and had invested regularly. He was quite shocked at how much his stock mutual fund had appreciated in value. He didn't look or act it, but he was a millionaire! He called Heartspring asking for a consultation.

He visited with Rev. C.J. Taylor and discovered that they could transfer a significant amount from their mutual fund and create a charitable remainder trust and pay no capital gains tax! He would receive regular income and after the life of Walter and Elise the trust would continue and support four very special charities they had always supported. Walter would later update his will and make the beneficiary of most of his estate the Charitable Trust. Walter would say as he signed his updated will, "This makes me so happy. This plan accomplishes exactly what I want. Thank you for all your help C.J."

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