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Charitable Gift Annuity: Supporting those who care for you

Charitable Gift Annuity: Supporting those who care for you

Clayton is a devoted Methodist, long-time member of First United Methodist Church and resident of a Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) facility.

Clayton is grateful for the services and care provided to him by his retirement community, and wants to support its ministry well into the future. After talking to Heartspring, he decided a gift annuity would be an excellent way to accomplish two goals: increase his retirement income and make a major gift benefiting MRC after his death.

In April 2012, Clayton established a gift annuity with the Foundation and looks forward to receiving a monthly stream of payments for the remainder of his life. After his death, the balance of the annuity will create a permanent endowment that will provide regular payments to MRC for the benefit of his residence. By establishing a gift annuity that will provide perpetual support for MRC, he is able to show his appreciation and "pay it forward" by supporting a ministry that served and cared for him.

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