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Endowments and Living Estate Gifts: Extravagant generosity in action

Endowments and Living Estate Gifts: Extravagant generosity in action

L.G. wants to support his church, Columbia UMC in West Columbia, Texas. First, he contacted Heartspring to setup a fund to support the church perpetually.

"I felt like if I put money in the endowment fund, long after I'm gone and forgotten, I'll still be able to help this church," L.G. said. "I hope to add to it as time goes on." As he hoped, his gift as since spurred others to donate to the fund he created that serves as a permanent endowment and living memorial.

But he wanted to do more. After consulting with his family, his next step was to make a living estate gift of his home to the church. Again, Heartspring was able to help.

"L.G. was planning to will his home to the church, but by donating it now as a living gift, he qualifies for an income tax deduction," explained C.J. Taylor, Heartspring president and CEO. "He will continue to live in the house throughout his life, handling maintenance and paying property taxes. Upon his passing, the home will go to the church, which may use it to house church staff or sell it and apply proceeds to its ministry, depending on its needs."

L.G. says he isn't a leader, but he was willing to share his story so his example may inspire others. "I'm hopeful that this will help someone else make up their minds to do this," he said.

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