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Charitable Gift Annuity: Caring for causes close to your heart

Charitable Gift Annuity: Caring for causes close to your heart

Charlie passed away recently after 96 years. After living in Atlanta, Georgia for 60 years he moved to Houston to be near his two brothers. One of his brothers was deaf and Charlie had great appreciation for those charities that provided help and services to deaf persons.

After moving to Houston, Charlie became acquainted with Heartspring Methodist Foundation and its ministry of providing charitable services to individuals as well as churches and ministries. Charlie determined that a Charitable Gift Annuity would be an excellent way to accomplish two goals: increased retirement income and a major gift to the Methodist Mission Home in San Antonio, and specifically to the SCHI (Southwest Center for Higher Independence). This division provides services to adults with special needs including deafness. A large percentage of those in SCHI are deaf. They receive education, training and support to gain the skills to live and prosper independently.

Charlie contributed his gift annuity in 2005 and received a generous stream of payments for the remainder of his life. After his life the remainder balance created a permanent fund that will make regular payments to Methodist Mission Home to support their work with the deaf. Charlie spent his entire life serving and helping others. Because of his Charitable Gift Annuity Charles? care and concern for others will continue eternally.

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